The Organization


LOOKNorth is a Centre for Commercialization and Research (CECR).  The CECR program was created under the Science and Technology Strategy in the 2007 Canadian Federal Budget and is jointly administered by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.  The goal of the CECR program is to create internationally recognized centers of commercialization and research in priority areas in order to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to Canadians.

LOOKNorth is hosted by C-CORE, an international leader in research and development.  C-CORE is a non-profit organization.  As host, C-CORE’s Board of Directors is accountable for the implementation of LOOKNorth according to the CECR funding agreement and the CECR program guide.  C-CORE’s board adheres to a conflict of interest policy to ensure impartiality and objectivity in the governance of LOOKNorth.

Board of Directors

The C-CORE/LOOKNorth Board of Directors is accountable for the operations of LOOKNorth as a CECR.   They approve all aspects of LOOKNorth’s operations, including LOOKNorth’s budget, the terms of reference for the Advisory Committee, technology validation project funding decisions, the process for undertaking environmental assessments, the conflict of interest policy, and ensure compliance in meeting the CECR funding agreement and CECR program guide obligations.

A listing of the Board members can be found here.

Advisory Committee

To aid in the management and oversight of LOOKNorth, the organization enlists an advisory committee made up of key funding members, and representatives from the targeted industry sectors, research community and Northern Stakeholders.  Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee include oversight of the key programs, recommendation of technology validation projects being funded, environmental assessment process, and communications plan.  They inform and report to the Board of Directors.


The key positions staffed in LOOKNorth include:

  • Executive Director, Paul Adlakha
  • Program Director, Stephen Churchill
  • Business Development Manager, Dennis Nazarenko
  • R&D Manager, Neil Cater
  • Northern Analyst, Harry Borlase
  • Communications Lead, Deirdre Green