LOOKNorth is currently funded for five years.  The objective of LOOKNorth’s over those five years are to assemble and collect the knowledge base required to advance safe and sustainable natural resource development in northern and oil sands regions of Canada through remote sensing technologies.

 LOOKNorth will understand the needs of the natural resource sector in northern regions and the oil sands, and support small-to-medium sized remote sensing enterprises who wish to enter those markets.

 LOOKNorth will validate new and adopt existing technologies to impact the natural resource sector through one or more of:

  • Operational improvements: Safer more cost effective operations
  • Accelerating permitting process: Potential as a regulatory standard
  • Positive impact to project economics
  • Development of Northern SMEs

LOOKNorth will communicate to the natural resource sector, remote sensing researchers and operators, and the northern stakeholders about the opportunities and available technologies which can be implemented in the North.

LOOKNorth will implement an R&D strategy to support key activities and promote future use of remote sensing technologies.

LOOKNorth will promote and position Canada as a world leader in the development and application of remote sensing technologies, data products and services for commercial applications in the natural resource sector.