Sector Assessments

Resource sector projects typically have a life cycle with unique information requirements at different stages of a given project.  For instance a typical mining cycle would include initial resource assessment, exploration, deposit appraisal, mine development, production and mine closure and site restoration as phases in the cycle.  

Depending on the phase in the cycle, information is required for opportunity definition, project feasibility assessment, operations management, monitoring, communication to relevant internal and external parties, regulatory approval, etc. The types of information can vary along with level of detail and timeliness.   Information acquired at the various phases impacts the safety, cost-effectiveness, environmental impact/risks or economics of a project. 

The purpose of the sector assessments is to capture the relevant information needs, the current sources of information, the gaps that exist, those gaps that can be supported by remote sensing, and to value the contribution remote sensing can make in the relevant stage of decision making.

The sector assessments will be conducted thought a series of interviews, sector specific workshops, reviews of existing studies and assessments, and research/literature reviews of current practices and issues.

Information collected during the sector assessment process will be approved for release by participants prior to publication. The results will be documented in a series of reports that will be made available to industry for feedback and as a resource to guide future marketing and R&D strategies. 

The sector assessments drive the content of the technology validation program call for proposals, and the other activities at LOOKNorth.