LOOKNorth’s Outreach Program targets three main groups:

  • the resource sector industry, particularly Oil and Gas, Mining, Hydro Electric, and the related Marin Transportation, which operate in Northern regions;
  • the remote sensing researchers and operators which can provide data, information products, and knowledge to industry; and
  • Northern peoples and other stakeholders whose lives are impacted by resource development in northern regions.

Resource Sectors

LOOKNorth’s primary goal is to enable safe and sustainable resource development in the North.  LOOKNorth works with members of the Resource Sector to understand their needs and to offer solutions from Remote Sensing Research and Operators.  Supporting, enabling and accelerating safe and sustainable development of northern resources benefits all stakeholders.

Remote Sensing Researchers and Operators

LOOKNorth is committed to helping small and medium sized businesses do business in the North. Understanding the unique physical, political and regulatory environment can be challenging for SMEs unfamiliar with the northern landscape. LOOKNorth can assist businesses in providing the necessary advice for beginning operation in the North and partnering with northern businesses.

Northern Peoples and Stakeholders

Realizing LOOKNorth’s vision of promoting sustainable resource development in the North involves understanding the interests, needs and objectives of northerners themselves.  LOOKNorth is dedicated to working with northern stakeholder groups in order to improve awareness of technological expertise, promote northern interests in industrial development, support local business ventures, as well as encourage educational and training opportunities.

 In order to accomplish these goals, LOOKNorth’s Outreach Program will be organizing a series of workshops in the North for government, industry and business communities to build dialogue on:

  • The types of technology available that promote sustainable resource development;
  • How these technologies can benefit northern governments and entrepreneurs;
  • What kind of financial resources are available to improve northern business development;
  • And how new partnerships between the northern business community and resource industry can promote sustainable economic development.

Please check the Media and the Workshop pages for details of upcoming events.